Mrs. Savatgy's Recommended Websites

TheKidShouldSeeThis is a fantastic website that curates all kinds of videos that are fascinating for children of all ages!  These videos, from all different sources and about all different topics, are short, delightful, and renew a sense of wonder in both children in adults.  Give it a try!

Crash Course Kids This YouTube channel from the creators of Crash Course presents a collection of educational animated science videos (the website hopes to add more topics later.)  This is an excellent resource, and very easy to use!

NASA has an amazing website for young space cadets!  The interface is amazing, and there is a special section for youngsters.  You can choose from three TV channels and watch launches live, ISS live feed, or announcements. See what is happening on Mars, in deep space, or right here on Earth. Awesome.

Pottermore Okay, I admit it.  I am a Potterhead.  So, if you are one, too, this site is for you.  Get all the latest news in the Wizarding World!  Take a Sorting Quiz!  Read J.K.'s latest opinions of fan theories!  And indulge yourself!  Completely kid safe.

TedEd is a YouTube channel full of animated lessons on almost every subject imaginable.  Watch at your own risk--you will start with the intention of spending just a few minutes learning about something fascinating, and before you know it--hours will have gone by, and your brain will have grown three sizes!  Amazing.

Poptropica is an online game that is kid-safe, smart, and friendly.  It was created by Jeff Kinney, the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It has won the endorsement of several media watchdog organizations, like for safety.  In it, kids go to various islands and solve mysteries related to history or culture, and learn things like how to play mancala or how to communicate in Morse code.  If they have to be online, it's a cool one.