Woodstock Elementary School

2019 Science Fair
Thursday, February 28, 2019


Project Types

Kindergarten- Collections

Scientific collections consist of solid, physical objects that fit into one category.  These objects are organized and labeled in order to display them.  The objects could be grouped into subcategories if it is applicable.

First Grade- Life Cycle Displays

A scientific display uses written words, pictures, diagrams or 3-D objects to explain a scientific fact, concept or process.  This year the first graders will choose a plant or animal and use their display to teach about that plant or animal’s life cycle.

Second Grade- Models

A scientific model is an accurate three-dimensional representation of a scientific process, cycle or object. Models can be made using a variety of materials and should include labels to identify the parts of the model.

Third Grade- Experiments or Engineering Task

Science experiments answer a question using the scientific method of investigation.  In a science fair the scientists use a display to show the details of each step of the scientific method that they followed.

Engineering tasks present the student with a problem to solve using the engineering design process.  The student will choose one of four problems to solve and use materials to design a solution to the problem.

Creating the Projects

For each grade level the classroom teachers will introduce the project type to the students.  The project types for each grade level are directly linked to the classroom science curriculum.  Classroom teachers will connect the projects to the classroom during science instruction.  The projects will be created at home.  We encourage families to work together and to enjoy exploring their grade level’s project type and science curriculum.  

Science Fair during School Hours

The children will present their projects in school to their classes on February 28th.  The children should be able to communicate what their project is and how it was created. 

Children will then set up their projects for evening viewing.   Kindergarten will set up in the library. First grade will set up in the gymnasium and 2-3 will set up in the cafeteria.  Children will get a chance to tour the projects before they leave for the day. 

Science Fair during the Evening

The chance for families to come and view all of the projects on display is during the evening fair.  Families must take home projects before they leave the fair.  Children who did not come to the fair on Thursday evening must take their projects home on the following Friday.



Please see the attached “Here We Go!” page that will help you create a spectacular project!